The Inaugural #EngChatNZ – 31st July 2014

The inaugural #EngChatNZ (NZ English Teachers) live-chat is happening at 8.30pm NZ time on Thursday 31st July. The hashtag #EngChatNZ was created to help connect English teachers throughout New Zealand on Twitter. #EngChatNZ will encourage further networking between educators across the country and help to assist teachers in both secondary and primary sectors.
Every second Thursday night #EngChatNZ will host a series of questions designed to develop collaboration around the subject of English and to enable teachers to share their thoughts, resources and advice.

A group of English teachers helped to begin this new hashtag – a huge thank you goes out to Danielle Myburgh (@missdtheteacher) for the amazing work that has been done with #edchatNZ, to the ‘brainchild’ Alex Le Long (@ariaporo22) who created the #EngChatNZ hashtag and will moderate and keep the chat going with the help of fellow English tweachers – Sian Yarns (@sianyarns), Ros MacEachern (@rosmaceachern), Polly Hamilton (@pollylhamilton) and Alyx Gillett (@chasingalyx) and the many others who have helped to support the new hashtag thus far.

#EngChatNZ begins the week when #edchatNZ is not on, which means that there will be no clash in that regard. However, another chat is starting on the 31st of July at the same time as #EngChatNZ, which is called #SciChatNZ. The chat has been created for the many Science teachers in New Zealand by Matt Nicoll (@mattynicoll) and the fabulous @SciChatNZ team.

Please support both new kaupapa – and share with the staff at your school.

Inaugural Topic: How do we as English teachers improve student perceptions and enjoyment of our subject?

Exemplar Questions:

Intro Question:
Nau mai koutou! 🙂 Introduce yourself and what part of the country you’re from!

Q1. What inspired you to become an English teacher? #engchatnz #engchatnzquestions

Q2. What do you love about teaching English? #engchatnz #engchatnzquestions

Q3. How do you pursue your own love of English? #engchatnz #engchatnzquestions

Q4. What are some of the issues we deal with as teachers of English? #engchatnz #engchatnzquestions

Q5. What strategies do you use to keep students engaged in English? #engchatnz #engchatnzquestions

Q6. How do your community and students perceive the subject of English? #engchatnz #engchatnzquestions

Q7. How do we as English teachers help to improve that perception? #engchatnz #engchatnzquestions

Q8. How does your love for English transfer into the classroom? #engchatnz #engchatnzquestions

FQ. What advice would you give for other English teachers yet to join Twitter? #engchatnz #engchatnzquestions

I hope you can join us on Thursday night, either to contribute or to learn.

– The Team at @EngChatNZ